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Book Title:                                                     Viva Chemistry - 9

Product Code / ISBN Code                           9789387153165

Syllabus:                                                        CBSE

Publisher:                                                       Viva

Language:                                                       English


Strictly Based on Latest NCERT/ CBSE Syllabus

The book VIVA Chemistry for Class IX has been written in keeping with the latest NCERT syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The book has been developed keeping in view the requirement of the students at the secondary level.

Salient features of the book

  • The book has been prepared in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and pattern.
  • The book has been written in an informal, interactive style supported by a large number of well-labelled illustrations, diagrams and solved examples.
  • Each chapter is supported by Topic-wise Assignments enabling students to learn the Question-Answering skill.
  • NCERT Textbook (In-Text and Chapter-End) Questions and NCERT Exemplar Questions are provided with solutions.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), Brain Strain and Value-Based Questions are given to help students apply the facts and concepts learned.
  • Exam Practice Questions and Model Questions are given to help students prepare for examination.
  • Periodic tests are given to enable students make strong-self assessment.
  • In-text pointwise summary is included for a quick revision of the topics covered.
  • Windows to the past developments in science are provided at appropriate places in the book to provide more relevance to the subject described therein.



Chapter 1: The Matter in Our Surroundings • MatterPhysical nature of matter • States of matter • The solid state • The liquid state • The gaseous state • Change of state • Evaporation • Water vapour in the air

Chapter 2: Is Matter Around Us Pure • Classification of matterMixtures • Solutions • Concentration of a solution • Suspensions • Colloids • Towards a pure substance from a mixture • Separation of a pure substance from a mixture • Separation of the constituents of air • Water purification system for city/town water supply • Physical and chemical changes • Types of substances • Elements • Chemical compounds

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules (The Particles of Matter) • Laws of chemical combination • Atoms and atomic theory of matter • Atomic symbols • Atomic mass • Molecules and their chemical formulae • Ions and ionic compounds • Valence electrons and valency • Writing chemical formulae • Writing formulae of molecular compounds • Writing formulae of ionic compounds • Molecular mass • Formula mass • Composition of a compound • The mole concept • Gram-atomic mass and gram-molecular mass

Chapter 4: Structure of Atom • Electrical nature of matter: discharge tube experiments • Cathode rays • J.J. Thomson’s experiment and the discovery of electron • Positive rays (anode rays or canal rays) • The proton • The neutron • The structure of atomRutherford’s nuclear model of the atomBöhr’s model of the atom • Nuclear composition: atomic nucleus • Valence electrons and valency • Isotopes • Isobars

Model Questions for Year-End Examination

Value-Based Questions

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