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Book Title:                                                      Viva Biology - 10

Product Code / ISBN Code                             9789387153196

Syllabus:                                                          CBSE

Publisher:                                                         Viva

Language:                                                         English


The book Viva CBSE Biology for Class X has been written in keeping with the latest NCERT syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The book has been developed keeping in view the requirement of the students at the secondary level.

Salient features of the book:

  • The book has been prepared in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and pattern.
  • Each chapter starts with an overview, giving a glimpse of the chapter.
  • Key Points in each chapter highlight the important information related to different topics discussed.
  • Questions to analyse the concepts learnt are given in the section Check Your Understanding.
  • Each chapter includes some additional information related to the text in the coloured boxes.
  • Well-labelled diagrams, flow charts, tables, pictures and illustrations have been incorporated to help students understand various facts and concepts clearly.
  • Summary at the end of each chapter helps students recapitulate the main ideas or facts related to the chapter.
  • NCERT Textbook (In-Text and Chapter-End) Questions and NCERT Exemplar Questions are provided with solutions.
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Value-Based Questions are given to help students apply the facts and concepts learned.
  • Practice Assignment is given to help students prepare for examination.
  • Check Your Knowledge is given for quick revision of the concepts learned.
  • Review Exercise and Periodic Test are given to enable students to make a sound-self assessment.


Chapter 1: Life Processes
Life Processes • Nutrition • Respiration • Transportation • Excretion

Chapter 2: Control and Coordination
Animals — Nervous System • Types of Nervous Actions • Human Nervous System • Coordination in Plants • Chemical Coordination in Humans

Chapter 3: How do Organisms Reproduce?
Do Organisms Create Exact Copies of Themselves? • Importance of Variations • Reproduction

Chapter 4: Heredity and Evolution
Variations • Accumulation of Variations • Rules for the Inheritance of Traits: Mendel’s Contribution • Ideas about Heredity: Mendel’s Contribution • How are the Traits Expressed? • Sex Determination • Acquired and Inherited Traits • Speciation • Evolution • Darwin’s Theory of Evolution • Evolution Should Not be Equated with Progress • Human Evolution • Origin of Life on Earth

Chapter 5: Our Environment
Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Wastes • Ecosystem and Its Components • Food Chain and Food Web • Trophic Levels in a Food Chain • Flow of Energy • Ecological Pyramids • Biomagnification • Effects of Human Activities on the Environment

Chapter 6: Management of Natural Resources
Types of Resources • Ganga Action Plan • Three R’s Formula • Sustainable Development • Need to Manage our Resources • Forests and Wildlife • Deforestation • Water for All • Dams • Water Harvesting • Coal and Petroleum An Overview of Natural Resource Management

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