Viva Young Learners English Small Letters Workbook 2




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Book Title:                                                     Viva Young Learners  English Small Letters Workbook - 2

Product Code / ISBN Code:                          9788130925561

Syllabus:                                                        All

Publisher:                                                      Viva

Language:                                                     English



The workbooks of Viva Young Learners aim at developing fine motor, cognitive and creative skills of preschoolers through an assortment of interesting tasks. They provide the necessary skills needed for mental development of the children. Purposely designed in single colour, they give ample scope to the children to develop their fine motor skills by colouring the pictures. This makes each task more enjoyable and engrossing.

Tasks included in the English workbooks

• Uppercase and lower case recognition and writing

• Word recognition, reading and writing

• Spelling and pronunciation of common words using phonics

• Identification of common objects to enhance vocabulary

• Reading and writing of short sentences


Letter a • Letter b• Letter c • Letter d • Miscellaneous • Letter e• Letter f• Letter g • Letter h • Miscellaneous • Letter i • Letter j • Letter k • Letter l • Miscellaneous • Letter m • Letter n • Letter o • Letter p • Miscellaneous • Letter q • Letter r • Letter s • Letter t • Miscellaneous • Letter u • Letter v • Letter w • Letter x • Letter y • Letter z • Miscellaneous• Letters a to z • ‘ee’ sound • ‘oo’ sound • ‘ch’ sound • ‘sh’ sound • Miscellaneous

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