Viva Young Learners English Phonics Primer




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Book Title:                                                      Viva Young Learners  English Phonics Primer

Product Code / ISBN Code:                            9788130912400

Syllabus:                                                         All

Publisher:                                                       Viva

Language:                                                      English


Viva Young Learners is a complete package to meet the needs of preschoolers preparing to go to a primary school. The colourfully illustrated activity-based books aim at teaching various skills and concepts in a well-graded and thematic manner. Each book has a number of activities and practice tasks to develop age-appropriate skills.

Special features of the series

Systematically graded lessons

Simple and easy-to-understand instructions

Colourful and child-friendly illustrations

Plenty of writing practice and activities

Lots of activities to strengthen concepts

Perfect blend between previous knowledge and new information

Plenty of opportunities for the learner to inquire and evaluate

Flash Cards

There are separate flash cards also available for each subject With plenty of games and activities for introduction of concepts. They are made with an aim to make learning fun-filled and more permanent



Chapter 1. a Sound

Chapter 2. e Sound

Chapter 3. i Sound

Chapter 4. o Sound

Chapter 5. u Sound

Chapter 6. Just For Fun

Chapter 7. Crosswords

Chapter 8. Odd One Out

Chapter 9. The Correct Word

Chapter 10. 4 Letter Words

Chapter 11. a Story

Chapter 12. e Story

Chapter 13. i Story

Chapter 14. o Story

Chapter 15. u Story

Chapter 16. Word Chain

Chapter 17. Create a Story



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